Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories at Aquatic Fitness

“Aquatic Fitness has helped me a great deal. I have been to the Creve Coeur Clinic location for multiple therapy orders dealing with my knees & low back. Therapy I had prior to my knee surgery did indeed help greatly with success of my surgeries. Post-op I also had therapy. The entire staff, treated me with respect and were very professional. During therapy we told stories, we became like a family and I felt they truly cared about me and my recovery. My wife has also been a patient and we certainly recommend you for Physical Therapy!”

“Everything was great! I went in having terrible pain in my left shoulder and once I completed my therapy sessions I left with no pain and greatly improved my strength & flexion. Thank you to everyone at Creve Coeur for making my experience with physical therapy great!”

“I want to thank you so much! I have, unfortunately been to several different places for physical therapy and I want to let you know how outstanding I think your facility is, clean, neat, organized but most of all the effort was made to make sure I was doing my exercises properly. Jessica was so nice and personal, always smiling. That should not be overlooked. She cared! I highly recommend your facility to anyone in need. I am out of my back brace and doing things that I want and need to do. Keep up the good work!”

“I came to Aquatic Fitness to recover from shoulder surgery and prepare for a left total knee replacement. I had been very sedentary and wanted to build muscles. Previous experiences with “land” therapy had been successful; however, I was intrigued with the idea of “water” therapy. Not only was the water therapy successful but it was more fun and more balanced. The water helped incorporate my whole body in exercise. I truly enjoyed my time at Aquatic Fitness and recommend it to all my friends.”

“I spent two years between physical therapy and pain shots. When both of those were no longer an option my doctor suggested I try Aquatic Therapy. That was the best day of my life! I can walk again and have no pain.”

“Aquatic Fitness Staff,
It has truly been a blessed and wonderful experience with aqua therapy. I have had multiple therapy experiences but nothing compares to the pool and the encouragement that I got from my therapist. Coming here was not just a therapy experience but everybody treated me like I was part of the team. After coming here on crutches I am now free from all assistive devices and I have you all to thank. So thank you very much!!! Keep up the good work!!”
-Yvette C.

“I had an annual tear at the L4-5 and a bulging disc at the L2-3. When I arrived at Aquatic Fitness I had virtually no extension or flexion, after having 2 selective nerve root injections. Susan was instrumental in getting me back to “normal”. Through her patience and guidance I was able to get back to my exercise routine, without pain. She was great at pushing me with extra exercises and stretching maneuvers. Thank you Aquatic Fitness!”

“After having 8 pool sessions I felt drastic improvement in my back and legs. The encouragement was very helpful and much needed. I just wish I had a pool to use more often. Thank you all!”

“I had 12 visits at Aquatic Fitness and my severe back pain stopped. I have lost the tightness in the legs and low back and have returned to doing what I love best, Fishing, Swimming and Hunting. I am pain pill free and want to thank you all!”

“When I came to you, I couldn’t work, drive, and had lots of pain. You helped me and therapy was great! Now I am going back to work, driving, and I am pain free!!!! I am also back to wearing my flip flops!”

“Thank you Jenn and everyone at Aquatic Fitness. I had a spinal surgery and then got to come here to rehab. I was hesitant, worried and in very poor physical health when I started. After the water therapy and exercises that Jenn tailored to the Doctors orders and my specific needs, I am now 90% improved and have resumed my normal life. Thanks!”

“Hello Good Peoples,
I can’t believe how wonderful I feel since I’ve received treatment from aquatic fitness. As they always say ” no news” is “good news”. I’ve been following the instructions given, the weather has changed so I haven’t been doing alot of walking but yes I am still doing my home exercise and stretches well. I’ve changed my old ways of doing things to the better fitness guild. Thanks again! You all have been a great help to me. Yes I am back in motion.
Love and God Bless all of you,”
– Blondell Family

“After four weeks of aquatic therapy on my lower back for a microdisc. surgery. I feel as though I am 10 years younger! If you follow your program, honestly, you will feel 100 times improved.”
-Tony G.

“I was injured on the job and was ordered to do physical therapy. I had 6 sessions of land therapy at another clinic and had no long term results. The results were a quick fix. I was then sent to a back specialist who recommended water therapy. I was reluctant at first because I didn’t see how the water would help. I can truly say, Aquatics made a believer out of me. I will definitely recommended Aquatic Fitness. The staff, they are knowledgeable and awesome!”

-Gloria B.