Getting Started at Aquatic Fitness

  • Once you receive a referral or script to come to Aquatic Fitness, Inc. call the location closest to you and speak to the Office Manager.
  • The Office Manager will then confirm your insurance benefits and get authorization for your treatment.
  • Your initial appointment will be scheduled to have a physical therapist perform an evaluation, which takes approximately one hour.
  • Each patient will be treated by a licensed therapist every visit.

What You Will Need.

  • Bathing Suit or other aquatic attire suitable for public viewing.
  • Towel
  • Non-Skid Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aquatic Fitness, Inc.?

We are an outpatient physical therapy clinic. We specialize in aquatic physical therapy utilizing a SwimEx 700T pool system. The pool has adjustable depths, eight work stations, a deep water walking and running platform and the ability to generate a resistive current. The pool allows for weightless rehabilitation as well as progressive weight bearing exercises. In addition, we offer land therapy, conditioning programs, educational programs for posture, body mechanics, and injury prevention techniques.

Who Benefits From Our Pool Therapy?

Most individuals with musculoskeletal dysfunction benefit the most. We have found, in fact, most people function better initially in the pool, allowing a quick and pain free recovery in many cases.

Why Pool Therapy?

The great benefits of pool therapy are primarily due to the physical properties of water including:

Buoyancy: Reverses the effects of gravity, thereby reducing the pain associated with joint stress and weight bearing.

Hydrostatic Pressure: Decreases swelling and increases circulation.

Viscosity: Provides resistance with movement when a body is immersed into water 12 times greater than air.

What If a Patient Can’t Swim or is Fearful of the Water?

Our pool water is crystal clear and the depths can be adjusted to accommodate the individual.

Is The Water Cold?

NO, the water temperature is maintained at 93 degrees.

Can a Person With an Incision Use the Pool?

YES! We have bioclusive dressings to cover open areas. The dressings are waterproof and prevent cross-contamination.

How Can a Person With an Injury Get In & Out Of the Pool?

There is a ladder for ambulatory patients with rails on both sides. Non-ambulatory patients may perform a sitting transfer.

Is Pool Therapy Covered By Insurance?

We specialize in workers’ compensation cases and are a preferred provider for Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, GHP/ Coventry, Great West, Mercy, Tri-Care, United Health Care, and Healthlink companies.

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